Founded in 1980, Aircair has grown to become one of Australia’s leading Aerial Agricultural organisations.

Aircair Aviation is a family owned Aerial Application business.

We specialise in aerial agricultural operations as well as firebombing support. Founded in 1980, Aircair has grown to become one of Australia’s leading Aerial Agricultural organisations. Aircair operate from two bases in Moree NSW.

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What we do

Aerial Agricultural

Aerial Agricultural operations are the core business for Aircair, and we specialise in all aspects of aerial application including:

Aerial spraying of

Foliar fertilisers
Growth regulators
Trace elements

Aerial spreading of

Various seeds (aerial sowing)
Solid fertilisers such as: Urea, MAP, DAP and Super phosphate
Animal Baits

Variable Rate

Using the latest aircraft GPS technology, we’re able to vary the application rate according to a prescription map for a specific area. This is a very useful tool for applications such as growth regulant and foliar fertilisers, as the required rate of chemical can be applied to a specific small treatment area instead of a field by field basis.

We can also apply solids, such as urea, at variable rates according to a GPS prescription map.

Variable rate applications can deliver cost benefits, improve yield and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Site specific management means products are only applied where they are needed, resulting in lower input requirements, maximising productivity and reducing the impact of over application on the crop.



Aircair currently have 4 Airtractor AT802 aircraft equipped for firefighting operations. The AT802 is able to drop 3000 litres of water, foam or retardant in one pass if required. The AT802 is an ideal firebombing aircraft as it is powered by one Pratt & Whitney PT6-67AG is one of the most reliable production engines in the world with relatively low operating costs compared to multi engined aircraft. The AT802 is designed to operate out of short, unimproved airstrips, allowing it to operate close to a fire.

Aircair has been involved with the NSW Rural Fire Service as a Call When Needed (CWN) fixed wing fire-bombing operator since 2003. Aircair has also cross hired aircraft and crew to operators in QLD to assist with the QLD Rural Fire Service since 2011.

Ground support equipment

Aircair were proudly selected by the NSW Rural Fire Service to handle the retardant mixing and loading for the LAT & VLAT 2 year trial at Richmond Airforce Base during the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 fire seasons.


The Fleet

All aircraft are turbine powered, Satloc GPS equipped with flow control and data logging equipment. Our aircraft have been pattern tested for both liquid applications (spraying) and solid applications (spreading). To cope with demand during busy periods, Aircair often source other aircraft from all parts of Australia as needed.

Aircraft Charter

Aircair has a fleet of aircraft for private charter and aerial work services. Our Cessna 182P, Cessna 185F, Cessna 340A provide a great options to meet your specific requirements such as flights to unimproved remote airstrips, flights at night or in poor weather conditions.
Our Robinson R22 Beta2 and a AS350 Squirrel helicopters provide aerial work flights for property survey, aerial mustering as well as feral animal control.

For more information on aircraft charter, please call or email for a quote.


The AT 301 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Radial engine which provides 600HP. With a 1200L hopper, it is ideal for use on smaller jobs and also for pilots transitioning from smaller agricultural aircraft into the larger Air Tractors


Aircair’s AT400, VH-ACQ is the only one of its type in Australia. Imported new in 1980, this aircraft has been the flagship of the fleet for as long as Aircair has been operating. In fact, it was the first turbine ag aircraft to operate commercially in Australia. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-15AG engine (680 SHP) and has a hopper capacity of 1500 litres.


Since the late 80s, the mainstay of the Aircair fleet has been the AT502/AT502B. This aircraft type has proven itself as probably the most versatile ag aircraft in production. It is a mid-size, turbine powered aircraft that can operate from airstrips that larger aircraft cannot, and is able to work in the vicinity of powerlines where larger aircraft cannot. Aircair’s AT502s are powered by the 750 SHP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG engine and have a hopper capacity of 1892 litres.


The AT802 is the largest Ag aircraft in production. Aircair’s AT802s are powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67AG engine which delivers an impressive 1350 SHP. The AT802 has a hopper capacity of 3100 litres. These aircraft can accomplish a lot in one day, however they do require good quality airstrips with their increased width, weight and take-off run. The AT802 is a well respected Fire Bombing aircraft, otherwise known as a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) and Aircair’s AT 802s are equipped with Government Radio Network (GRN) radios and other necessary equipment so that they can be utilized by the NSW Rural Fire Service on a Call When Needed (CWN) basis.


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